End of an Era: Last Ford Fiesta Rolls Off Assembly Line

By Kurt Stolz on 7 July 2023
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The 2014 Ford Fiesta

The last Ford Fiesta rolled off the production line Friday at the automaker’s plant in Cologne, Germany, marking the end of an era during which some 22 million of the model were sold.

The final two Fiestas that were manufactured will remain in Ford’s custody.  One will become part of the automaker’s international heritage fleet based in Cologne, and the other is bound for the UK heritage fleet.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker announced the Fiesta’s demise in 2022, explaining that it was “rapidly transitioning to an electric future” and “needed the space in the factory” to produce upcoming Ford Explorer SUVs.

The first-generation Fiesta was manufactured from 1976 to 1982.

Driving the 2014 Ford Fiesta

The first Fiestas (the word “fiesta” means “party” in Spanish) was put on display at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in June 1976, and the car went on sale in France and Germany in September 1976.

Built in Cologne, the Fiesta was initially sold in Europe with the Valencia 58.4 cubic-inch (957 cc) four banger with high- and low-compression options as well as a 68.2 cu-in. (1,117 cc) option.  It was available in Base, Popular, Popular Plus, L, GL (from 1978 onward), Ghia, and S trim levels.  The U.S.-bound Mark I Fiesta was also built in Cologne. 

Since then, the Fiesta has been available in 50 countries across the globe.

The second-generation Fiesta was available from 1983 through 1989, followed by the third generation from 1989 through 1997, the fourth generation from 1995 through 2002, and the fifth generation from 2002 to 2008, although in some countries it remained in production through 2014.

The sixth generation Fiesta ran from 2008 to 2019 and the seventh and final generation was produced from 2019 through 2023.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)