The Insider’s Guide to Fourth of July Road Trips: The Best Times to Travel

By Paul Riegler on 29 June 2021
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If you are planning a road trip on Independence Day weekend, you most certainly won’t be alone.

More than 47.7 million Americans will travel during the five-day July 4th holiday period according to the American Automobile Association, and 91% of them will be going by car.

If possible, leave before the extended weekend, i.e. on Tuesday or Wednesday, to miss the rush and by all means check weather forecasts as summer storms can translate into dangerous driving conditions.

Make sure you have an emergency kit with you including an external battery pack or two for your iPhone, blankets (in areas that are not currently sweltering), several bottles of water, and a supply of protein bars.

Take heed that traffic patterns are predictable as people take to the road. 

Infix, a traffic data and analytics company that in 2004 was founded as a spin-off of Microsoft Research, collects anonymized data on congestion, traffic incidents, parking, and weather-related road conditions from millions of data points daily in over 80 countries including the United States and also offers predictive traffic data based on historical trends.

The Kirkland, Washington-based company said that, for the upcoming holiday weekend, drivers should travel earlier in the day to avoid traffic and should avoid driving on the Thursday and Friday of the holiday weekend in the 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. time period.

Indeed on Friday, the best time to travel by car in most areas of the country will be before 12 noon but drivers should avoid the 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. window on Saturday, the company told USA Today.

Meanwhile, driving on the Fourth of July will be relatively painless, the company said, as will anytime before 1 p.m. on July 5, the Monday that is the legal holiday because the Fourth falls on a Sunday this year.

 (Photo: Accura Media Group)