Buick Brings Back Storied ‘Electra’ Nameplate for EV Concept Car

By Paul Riegler on 1 October 2020
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Another great concept car, the 1939 Buick Y-Job

General Motors’ Buick division resurrected the storied Electra nameplate for a concept electric SUV introduced in China this week.

The Electra nameplate was used on a series of full-size petrol- and diesel-powered luxury models from 1959 through 1990.

The concept car, designed in Shanghai at GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, was built on the General’s Ultium platform, which is the same one used by Cadillac’s upcoming Lyriq EV.  The aerodynamic Electra is a low-set crossover with butterfly doors, suspended zero-gravity seats, and an interior “pod” Buick says was “inspired by a space capsule.”

“The advanced Ultium battery unlocks the exciting new possibilities for what future EVs will look like,” said Molly Peck, executive director of sales and marketing for Buick at SAIC-GM, the Chinese joint-venture company that has allowed General Motors to expand in China.  

The vehicle’s doors use facial recognition to unlock and open, and the driver’s “dashboard” features an augmented-reality head-up display and live-view navigation.

Buick said that the Electra’s drivetrain develops 583 horsepower and can go 400 miles (644 kilometers) on a single charge.

So far, however, GM maintains this is just a show car, one specifically for the Chinese market.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)