Review: 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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Lincoln sold the Continental – eventually added a two-door version to the line-up – as its exclusive model from 1961 to 1976. The Continental name was retired in 2002, replaced by the Lincoln MKS. In 2017, the Continental name returned, following the success of a 2015 Continental concept car that had a singular look to it, a modern version of the 1960s classic.

In 2019, Lincoln celebrated the Continental’s 80th anniversary with a limited release of the current Continental sedan, albeit with suicide doors, calling it the Coach Door Edition.  The marque manufactured 80 of this model, which has a six-inch longer wheelbase, a pass-through rear seat console with a stowable tray table, and Lincoln Black Label personalization. In 2020, Lincoln plans to offer the Coach Door Edition with greater availability.


1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible
Base price $7,347
Drivetrain Rear engine, front-wheel drive
Engine 7.0-liter V8
Horsepower 320
Transmission 3-speed automatic
Curb weight (lbs) 5,528
Wheelbase(inches) 123
Length x width (inches) 213 x 78.6
0-60 mph(seconds) (est.) 9.1
Fuel economy(mpg) 9.8


(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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