Road Test and Review: Waze in Apple CarPlay

By Paul Riegler on 5 October 2018
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Waze is now the second non-Apple navigation app to work with Apple CarPlay following the release of iOS 12 last week. Version 4.43.4 officially supports the popular option and I updated my iPhone the moment the update was available.

Once the download was complete, I was able to go to the CarPlay settings for my car (General / CarPlay / My Cars) and found the Waze icon on the second CarPlay screen. I dragged it over to the first screen for easy access, placing it to the right of the Google Maps app, effectively grouping all three navigation apps.

The crowd-sourced approach to navigation wasn’t able to fully take advantage of the CarPlay environment, however: the first time I tried to speak a destination, the Waze app asked for permission to use my iPhone’s microphone. Unlike Apple Maps and Google Maps, Waze was apparently unable to use the car’s microphone.


The Waze app has a distinctive appearance that sets it aside from the somewhat more boring Apple Maps and Google Maps apps, but it also has a somewhat unfinished look. While Google Maps doesn’t use Siri for voice control, it does allow the use of the car’s microphone from within the app without resorting to using the iPhone, which could have been placed somewhere in the car where it might not clearly hear the instructions.

Perhaps to bear this out, even though my iPhone was placed with optimal microphone exposure in mind, Waze seemed to have difficulty in understanding my instructions.

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