Road Test and Review: Google Maps in Apple CarPlay

By Paul Riegler on 24 September 2018
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With the launch of Apple iOS 12, Apple introduced the ability to support Google Maps and other third-party navigation apps via the new CarPlay framework that allows developers to provide detailed maps, search, and other navigation functions.

Google released version 5.0 of the iOS version of Google Maps on September 18, just days after the release of iOS 12.  The update didn’t come up in the App Store under updates but I was able to locate the new version and download it within minutes.

Once the download was complete, I accessed the CarPlay settings for my car (General / CarPlay / My Cars) and I found the Google Maps icon on the second CarPlay screen. I dragged it over to the first screen for easy access, placing it directly underneath the Apple Maps icon in order to avoid any confusion.


The icon has a distinctive Google appearance including the letter “G,” so there is little likelihood of confusion, and the app, which opened quickly when commanded by pressing the icon on the touchscreen, also has the Google look and feel.

Two key points discovered early on:  1.) Google Maps running in the CarPlay environment does not support voice control via Siri (the Google-powered voice search does work within the Google Maps app, however); and 2.) the app works with your Google account (if you have one) and it will automatically display saved addresses such as those for home and office.

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