Uber to Scrap Petrol and Diesel Cars in U.K. by 2022

By Paul Riegler on 10 September 2017
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Ride-hailing service Uber said it plans to start charging riders a “clean air” fee as part of its plans to eliminate diesel- and petrol-powered cars from its U.K. fleet within the next five years.

The company said it plans to add a 35p ($0.46) charge to rides in the United Kingdom as part of its “Clean Air Plan,” which will also entail migrating current UberX drivers to either hybrid or electic vehicles.

Uber will begin to implement the Clean Air Plan in London, where most of its current cars are already hybrids or EVs, starting in 2019 and only have electric vehicles on the road in London by 2025.

The California-based company will provide each driver with up to £5,000 in subsidies towards a more green vehicle. Uber is also promising to give the first 1,000 of its customers who scrap pre-Euro 4 emission standards vehicles a £1,500 credit for service.  Part of the funding for this will come from the clean air fee.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)