France to Ban the Sale of Gasoline and Diesel Cars by 2040

By Jesse Sokolow on 6 July 2017
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This Citroën won’t be welcome in France after 2040

France will ban all diesel- and gasoline-powered cars by 2040. The news was announced by the new environment minister of France, Nicolas Hulot, at a briefing.

Hulot also pledged to make his country completely carbon neutral by 2050.

The minister said that the French government will be offering incentives to drivers who replace diesel cars made before 1997, or petrol cars made before 2001, with a more recent vehicle.

Currently, diesel and gasoline cars make up approximately 95.2% of France’s new car registrations. Electric vehicles represent around 1.2%, while hybrids make up 3.5%.

In addition to the vehicle ban, Hulot said that France will implement measures banning any new projects that will use coal, gas, or petrol, in a similar timeframe.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)