4th of July Travelers to See Lower Prices at the Pump

By Jesse Sokolow on 27 June 2017
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While Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, the real summer travel season starts close to the 4th of July, which happens to be this weekend. If you are driving – and millions will be on the road at some point during what will be for most a four-day weekend – the good news is that fuel prices have fallen in recent weeks.

Indeed, the prices for a gallon of gasoline and diesel are both down across the entire country compared to a week ago, but the cost of filling your tank will nonetheless be slightly higher than it was last year at this time.

The average cost for a gallon of diesel rose by $0.039, with nearly every region experiencing an increase in price, save for the Midwest, which saw a marginal decline of $0.003. New England’s price for a gallon of diesel went up $0.086, while the Central Atlantic saw a rise of $0.135 from this time last year.

Prices were up $0.035 in the Lower Atlantic, $0.020 in the Gulf Coast, and $0.163 in the Rocky Mountain region, while the West Coast saw a rise of $0.044.

Across the nation, the average price for a gallon of gasoline dropped by $0.041, for a price of $2.288. However, a few regions have seen a rise in price, including the Central Atlantic, where the cost for a gallon of gasoline increased by $0.042. The Rocky Mountain region saw an increase of $0.070, while the West Coast experienced a rise of $0.062.

Prices in New England, however, fell $0.045, while in the Lower Atlantic, the cost went down by $0.079. The Midwest saw a decline of $0.120, and the Gulf Coast saw prices drop by $0.044.


(Photo: Accura Media Group)