Europe Goes ‘On Sale’ for the Summer

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A new BMW makes for a great souvenir once back home.

A new BMW makes for a great souvenir once back home.

Meanwhile, the strong dollar is contributing to shopping sprees, extravagant day trips, and upgrades from three-star to four- or even five-star hotels.

Tourists are flocking to the United Kingdom to take advantage of the post-Brexit vote weakened pound sterling and smart travelers are going to countries that are experiencing a decrease in tourism, such as France and Belgium, while the masses are flocking to Germany, Scandinavia, and Spain.

The dollar’s current strength reminded FBT Editorial Director of his life of luxury when he was a graduate student in Munich.

Brussels as seen from the Mont des Arts

Brussels as seen from the Mont des Arts

“The Deutschmark was at a 20-year low at the time,” Spira said, “and I was regularly going out to some of Munich’s better bars and restaurants at a cost that was no more than what I would have paid in a diner in New York.”

As for that European Delivery, German and Swedish automakers offer factory delivery programs that include significant savings on the purchase (including leases and traditional financing deals) and a variety of perks ranging from airfare for two to hotel nights to museum tours (the perks vary by automaker). But the thrill of picking up your new automobile at the factory, going on a factory tour, driving the car around Europe, and having it as a rather big souvenir upon your return home is something that will make your trip stand out in your “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” essay.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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