BMW to Offer ReachNow Car-Sharing Service in Brooklyn

By Paul Riegler on 15 November 2016
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DSC_1192Hipsters, rejoice! BMW announced it is bringing its ReachNow car-sharing service to Brooklyn, New York. The borough, which would be the country’s fourth largest city, will be the company’s third North American location.

The ReachNow fleet typically includes the BMW 3 Series, BMW i3, Mini Clubman, and Mini hardtop. The company’s goal is to “provide drivers with an experience that is as convenient as owning a car” without having to actually own one.

The ReachNow app allows users to locate and book the closest available car or find a ReachNow car on the street, which they can then return to any legal parking space on the street. Users can also request a specific vehicle to be delivered to their location immediately or at a future time.

The company’s Home Area spans Greenpoint and Williamsburg, continues south to Sunset Park, and east to parts of Borough Park, Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Bushwick.

ReachNow also said it plans to add several new services including Ride, which includes a driver, Share, which allows owners of Minis to make their cars available to ReachNow customers, and Reserve, a service for those who wish to use the vehicle for multiple days.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)