VW Introduces Smart Navi that Learns “Regular Routes”

By Paul Riegler on 14 June 2016
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DSC_0465For those who wondered why their car’s navigation system doesn’t take a hint after following the same route for months or years, Volkswagen may have a solution. The automaker introduced Tuesday a navigation system that learns regularly driven routes.

VW says that “Regular Routes” will memorize routes a driver regularly takes, even if the route is different than what the navi would recommend. When setting off, it scans the route for traffic information and adjusts accordingly.

The new feature is included in new versions of the company’s Discover Media and Discover Pro navigation systems.

The system will display the three most frequently driven routes and monitor the drive in the background. It will only issue instructions if it discovers traffic along the route, at which time it will suggest an alternate.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)