10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

By Paul Riegler on 8 February 2016
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The blizzard that was the first in the history of the United States to bury New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. at the same time has passed but more winter weather is on the way.

Whether you are embarking on a long journey by car or simply driving around town, being prepared in wintertime is more critical than in any other season, as the risk of being stranded comes with the risk of hypothermia.

Here are ten tips that will make you supremely prepared for whatever Mother Nature can lob in your direction.

1.) Drive with the correct, i.e. “winter” tires. Store your all-season or summer tires for the season – we use Kurgo Tire Totes – and label both the tote and tire for proper reinstallation in the spring.

2.) Check your car’s tire inflation regularly.

3.) Know where you are going, via what route, and check forecasts for both your destination and weather along the route before leaving.

4.) Do not use cruise control on slippery surfaces (ice, slush, rain, leaves, sand).

5.) Allow for changing conditions. Accelerate and decelerate slower than usual.

6.) Drive more slowly. Braking on ice and slush takes longer.

7.) If you begin to skid, look and steer in the direction you want to go

8.) Don’t stop as you go up a hill.

9.) Take supplies along (snack, water, a thermos of hot coffee, medication, blankets, gloves, shovel, and an ice scraper). Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

10.) If you get stuck, stay with the vehicle.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)