Model Year 2013 Automobiles Achieve Highest Fuel Economy Ever

By Jesse Sokolow on 9 October 2014
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IMGP4126The Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday that model year 2013 vehicles had achieved an all-time high fuel economy in 2013.  New automobiles achieved an average of 24.1 mpg (9.76 l/100 km), the best fuel economy since the government started keeping track of the figures in 1975.

The number represents an increase of 0.5 mpg over the previous year’s, and a nearly 5 mpg increase since 2004.  This marks the eighth year in the past nine that fuel economy has increased in the country.

The improvement can be attributed to automakers’ adoption of more efficient technologies, including gasoline direct injection engines, turbochargers, and advanced transmissions, according to a report issued by the EPA on Wednesday.

Mazda vehicles averaged the highest fuel economy and lowest greenhouse emissions, while Nissan had the greatest improvement in average fuel economy and greenhouse gas reductions, the report said.

Additionally, the average carbon dioxide emissions were at an all-time low, with 369 grams per mile in model year 2013.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)