Diesel Fuel Prices Lower at Start of Memorial Day Weekend

By Paul Riegler on 24 May 2014
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DSC_0721The start of the summer driving season not only signals an end of snow, sleet, and winter weather advisories but brings good news for drivers: slightly lower fuel prices

Across the nation, the average price of diesel dropped $0.04 to $3.934, the lowest price in over three months, while in the past three weeks, the average price of gasoline has fallen to $3.665, a drop of $0.048.  The price of regular gasoline, however, is up by 8.5% in the past three months.

With the exception of the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions for gasoline, the price of fuel has dropped in every area of the country according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Nonetheless, the price of a gallon of fuel varies greatly from region to region.  If you are planning a driving trip, head to the Gulf Coast or Rocky Mountains, where prices are the nation’s lowest.  A gallon of diesel costs $3.791 along the Gulf Coast while that same gallon will cost $4.11 in California.  Similarly, a gallon of regular gasoline costs $3.439 there and over $4 on the west coast.

East Coast drivers fare nearly as poorly as those on the West Coast, with drivers in New England and the Central Atlantic regions paying $3.728 and $3.704 respectively for regular gasoline.  Meanwhile, diesel prices on the East Coast were the nation’s highest: a driver in New England would have to shell out $4.139 while that same gallon costs $4.136 in the Central Atlantic area.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)