Fuel Prices Up Across Country in Past Week

By Jesse Sokolow on 5 February 2013
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DSC_0865The price of diesel at the pump has gone up nearly $0.10 per gallon since last week, to $4.022 per gallon.  Gasoline prices have also gone up across the country, by $0.181 and now averages $3.538.

Diesel prices have gone up the most on the West Coast, up $0.017 from last week’s price of $4.049 per gallon, for this week’s price of $4.166.  New England has the highest cost of diesel this week however, at $4.237 per gallon, up $0.056 from last week.

The Midwest saw the greatest spike in gasoline prices over the past week, with a gallon now costing $3.513, up $0.224 from its previous price of $3.289 per gallon.  The West Coast was a close second, with prices rising $0.193 per gallon from last week’s price of $3.545.  The price of gasoline on the West Coast now, $3.738 per gallon, is also the highest in the country, while New England has the second highest prices ($3.682 per gallon).

Fuel prices are up as a result of rising crude oil prices as well as a seasonal switch from winter-blend fuels to summer blends by refiners,  which cause a decline in supply during the conversion period.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)