Gas Rationing Ends in New Jersey, Ramps Up in New York

By Paul Riegler on 12 November 2012
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Cars lined up Friday night in Bayside, New York

While New York City and Long Island first embraced 1970s-style gas rationing last Friday, the neighboring state of New Jersey, which started rationing a week earlier, announced plans to discontinue it.

The rationing system has restricted the sale of gasoline and diesel to cars with even-numbered plates on even days such as November 2 and November 4, and odd-numbered on odd days.

New Jersey will end rationing at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning, Gov. Chris Christie announced on Monday.   Officials in New York and Long Island have given no indication as to how long rationing will continue there.

Lines at the pumps continued to be long in the New York metropolitan area, although wait times were far less than they had been prior to the start of the odd-even gas rationing system.

(Photo: Jonathan Spira)