Fuel Prices Continue to Fall at the Pump

By Michael Acampora on 5 June 2012
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Fuel prices have continued to drop, with diesel reaching $3.846 a gallon, and gas down to $3.612 a gallon.

This week’s report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration continued the recent trend of good news. Since hitting a high in April, fuel prices have dropped weekly.  The average price of a gallon of gasoline is now $3.612, a 2.4% drop, while diesel prices have plummeted.  The nationwide average fell nearly 15% to $3.846.

Motorists are reporting that prices are down in many parts of the country, including Pasadena ($3.49 diesel, $3.27 gas), Miami ($3.65 diesel, $3.32 gas), and New York ($3.73 diesel, $3.65 gas).

Fuel prices on the West Coast had continued to rise against the trend as recently as last month, but have now joined the nationwide pattern of decline.

Overall, both diesel and gas prices are down from this time last year. However, gasoline prices in the Rocky Mountain and West Coast regions have slightly increased since that time.