Bosch Predicts 10% Market Share for Diesels by 2015

By Paul Riegler on 1 May 2012
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Bosch, an automotive supplier that provides key components found in diesel engines such as common-rail injection systems, believes that change is in the air for the U.S. diesel market.

Using research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 and funded by Bosch, the Stuttgart-based company is forecasting that one in ten vehicles including pickup trucks will be diesel powered by the year 2015.  Currently, 3% of the market is comprised of diesel sales.

In other markets, diesel sales comprise half of the market for passenger cars.  In 2011, 49% of cars sold in Germany were diesels as were 51% of those sold in the U.K.

Diesel is becoming more attractive to buyers, the study found, thanks to a greater awareness of better fuel economy, which can be as much as 30%.  With that comes greater driving range between refueling stops: the 2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI can go 800 miles or 1,287 kilometers on a single tankful.

Many believe that driving a diesel is better for the environment, thanks to the extensive emissions plumbing that most modern diesels are equipped with.

Options for diesel-oriented buyers are also increasing.  In addition to Porsche, U.S.-based manufacturers such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Chrysler (Jeep) will be offering diesel models in the coming 18 months.