Mazda Confirms Plans to Offer Diesels in U.S.

By Paul Riegler on 16 January 2012
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At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mazda announced it will offer an unspecified diesel passenger car in the U.S. and that it will use its new Skyactiv-D 2.2L diesel engine in that model, mated to the Sky-Drive transmission (pictured).

The Skyactiv-D 2.2 is the first diesel-powered automobile to meet Japan’s stringent new emissions standards without requiring urea after-treatment technology to reduce nitrogen oxide, which can add significantly to the cost of a diesel automobile.

Mazda is expected to offer the engine in the new CX-5 crossover in Japan and this model is likely to be the automaker’s first U.S. diesel as well  The 2.2-liter I-4 develops 310 pound-feet of torque and it used 5.34  l/100 km (44 mpg) in the Japanese JC08 fuel economy testing cycle.

Mazda has been planning to bring in diesels to the U.S. for several years.  At the 2010 New York Auto Show, Takashi Yamanouchi, CEO of the automaker, pointed out that the Skyactive-D engine provides fuel economy “better than today’s mid-sized hybrids.”