BMW Debuts New 530d in Munich

By Christian Stampfer on 20 March 2010
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For the debut of the new BMW 5er Series sedan in Munich to its customers, the BMW Niederlassung München, the largest BMW dealership in Germany, needed space… lots of S P A C E.  This was not just for the 1,500 guests which included many VIPs, but for the catwalk built for the new 5er Series to make its debut on at the event, held at the spacious Bavaria Filmstudios in Grünwald.

The evening was promoted with the slogan “Schönheit in Bewegung” (“Beauty in Motion”) and, while the new 5er Series is indeed a beautiful car with sharp and sporty lines, most people had only seen it standing still.  But not this particular evening.  Here in the studios would be the first time that customers would see the new 5er Series in motion.

Even with Markus Othmer, a well-known German radio and TV reporter, and the popular band “Sportfreunde Stiller,” the star of the evening was clearly the brand new 530d, with a 245 hp engine that develops 398 pound-feet of torque (540 newton meters) while using 6.3 liters of fuel in 100 kilometers (37 mpg).  It goes from zero to 100 km/h in only 6.3 seconds.  The 530d already meets the stringent EU6 emissions standards, which first go into effect in 2014.

Its stablemate, the 525d, takes 0.9 seconds longer to get to 100 km/h and uses only 6.2 liters of fuel in 100 kilometers (38 mpg).  When introduced later this year, the 520d, with 184 hp, will use only 5.0 l per 100 kilometers (47 mpg), an amazing figure for a full-sized luxury sports sedan.


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