Destination: Munich

By Jonathan Spira on 1 January 2010
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Munich (München) is a study in contrasts. It is the modern and hip capital of staunchly conservative Bavaria, a high-tech center, and companies such as BMW and Siemens are headquartered here.DSC_0211

Its Baroque and Rococo architecture and stunning parks captivate visitors of all ages and it is home to some of Europe’s finest museums. It is a city where the modern constantly bumps into the old. A recent addition to the city’s attractions is the BMW Welt “experience and delivery center,” which opened in October 2007 and already attracts half a million visitors per year.

Leaving Graz in the 335d, the drive to Munich took a little over four hours, covering a distance of 435 km. Except at the beginning and very end, the entire route was via Austrian and German Autobahnen.

From the Grand Hotel Wiesler on the Grieskai, it took about 15 minutes to drive through the city itself (including a few kilometers on the B67 Bundesstraße) to get to the Pyhrn-Autobahn A9, which we followed in the direction of Salzburg.

On the A9 we passed through 11 tunnels, two with tolls, the Gleinalmtunnel (€7.50) and the Bosrucktunnel (€4.50). The tunnels typically have speed limits of 100 km/h although several had 80 km/h limits due to construction (the speed limit for most Autobahnen in Austria is 130 km/h).

Several of the tunnels were long enough that one could enter the tunnel where all is wintry grey and snow covered and exit into sunshine and lots of green.

183 km from Graz we took the exit for the Autobahn A8 towards Passau and Wels, crossing the border from the province of Steiermark (Styria) to Oberösterreich (Upper Austria).  After 76 kilometers, we crossed the border into Germany.  There were only two tunnels along this part of the route, the Steinhaus-Taxlberg and the Noitzmühle.

Having crossed the border into Germany, we took the A3 for 66 kilometers in the direction of Deggendorf and München and later München/Landshut/A92. Traffic is light so we are able to cruise along at 200 km/h and occasionally reach 240 km/h (the 335d can go faster but 240 km/h is the limit with winter tires mounted).

After 66 km we reach the A92 and continue in the direction of München/Landshut. After 108 km, we were at the exit for Flughafen (Airport) München-Franz Josef Strauß and the Kempinski Airport Hotel München was just a few minutes away.

Join us on this breathtaking drive.

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