Driving the Roßfeldstraße

By Jonathan Spira on 26 December 2009
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A short drive from Berchtesgaden is the 16-kilometer Roßfeldstraße, also referred to as the Roßfeldhöhenringstraße, the highest through street in Germany, reaching an altitude of 1560 m.DSC_0625 It gently runs through some of the most beautiful landscape in Austria and Germany (a state treaty between the two countries had to be negotiated in the 1950s as the road crests in Austria).  At every turn one finds breathtaking views.

The 4.60 € toll (for the car and one person, 6.50 € for two people plus children, going as high as 11.50 € for a car with five adults) is well worth the price.   A souvenir sticker is .50 € but a small brochure is handed out to all visitors.

To the north, one sees Austria, namely Hallein and Salzburg and, to the east, the Salzach valley and the mountains of the Salzkammergut.  In the southeast one sees the Dachstein mountains, which reach 2995 meters above sea level.

On the German side one sees the Hohen Göll, Kehlstein to the southwest and north of that the Berchtesgadener Alps.

In winter, ski lifts are everywhere as are skiers.  But many come just for the view and the many opportunities to sample good Bavarian Hausmannkost (plain fare).

Join us as we drive the Roßfeldstraße in the 335d.

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