48 Hours to the BMW Welt and Beyond

By Jonathan Spira on 25 December 2009
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It may have taken 48 hours to get from New York to Munich during a blizzard (see Blizzard Business Travel in Executive Road Warrior), but the trip was no doubt worth it. DSC_0450Starting off on a Saturday afternoon, Diesel Driver editor Jonathan Spira arrived in Munich 48 hours later.

Despite the late hour, Rolf Raffelsieper, who runs the BMW VIP Pick-up Service that is used by many European Delivery customers, picked Spira up at Flughafen München (Munich Airport) Franz Josef Strauß and deposited him at The Charles, a relatively new Rocco Forte hotel that is quickly garnering a reputation for quiet luxury.

From seeing the sights of Munich from the tower of Alter Peter (the Church of St. Peter), requiring a climb of 306 steps, to dining at the Restaurant International at the BMW Welt, to taking delivery of our new BMW 335d, you can come along for the ride.

The trip continues to Lindau on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) and then to Berchtesgaden, 1000 meters high in the clouds.

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