Christian Stampfer, European Editor

Six months before Christian Stampfer was born, his father took delivery of a new BMW 318i E30 at the BMW Werk 01.10,  which is directly located near the famous “Vierzylinder” headquarters building. For almost 15 years, the E30 became Christian’s permanent companion. In 1999 the E30 was sold to a Serbian car dealer and, as a result, Christian stopped talking to his father for more than a week.

Already at the age of four, he was attending automobile shows with his father. When ever a nearby car dealership presented a new car, be it a BMW, Ford, or Volkswagen, Chris was in the first row next to the new car. He started writing about cars and new technology while in school and has served as European Editor for The Diesel Driver since 2009. Chris focuses on new diesel powered cars in Europe.

His passion for technology is also reflected in his duties as a volunteer fireman. He joined the local fire brigade in 2000 and has served as 2nd commander since 2007.