Google to Add Support for Routes with a Low-Carbon Footprint in Maps App

By Paul Riegler on 31 March 2021
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Google Maps used in Apple CarPlay

Google announced that its Maps will soon default to a route that has the lowest possible carbon footprint, an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and drive sustainability. 

The new eco-friendly route mode will provide the driver with approximately the same estimated time of arrival as a regular route.  In instances where the ETA is dramatically different, the app will allow the user to compare the CO2 impact of each route before making a final decision.

The feature will roll out later this year in the United States for both Apple iOS and Android platforms.  An expansion to other countries will follow, the company said.

Google is also adding alerts when a navigation route will take the river through a low-emissions zone where vehicles with high CO2 emissions might not be allowed or where special emissions stickers are required.  This feature will initially roll out starting in June in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Finally, it is also adding a new feature, Live Mode, which uses augmented reality to help users navigate in airports and malls.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)