Apple CarPlay Gains Enhanced EV Charger Info with ChargePoint Integration

By Kurt Stolz on 22 November 2020
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ChargePoint, which operates a network of electrical vehicle chargers, announced integration with Apple CarPlay.

“This new integration brings essential EV charging data inside the vehicle,“ ChargePoint said in a statement, calling it a “pivotal step” in the shift to electric mobility.

The action adds new EV charging data to Apple’s in-vehicle infotainment system.

Drivers who install the ChargePoint app on their iPhones will be able to easily locate nearby chargers, check the status of a station, start a charging session, and obtain driving directions to the closest or desired station.

The CarPlay app will display filters for the driver to use that allow him to sort stations based on the charger speed, availability, cost, and plug type.  Drivers can also maintain a list of favorite charging spots and join a waitlist for when a station is at capacity.

The new functionality is supported in iPhones with iOS 14 or higher. The app ChargePoint is also available as an iPhone widget as well as on the Apple Watch.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)