Review and Test Drive: 2019 Toyota Prius Limited

By Jonathan Spira on 30 October 2019
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It’s been several years since we looked at the standard Toyota Prius in depth.  In the interim, we reviewed the smaller Prius c, which was completely redone in 2018. The ‘c’ based not on other Prii but on the much smaller Yaris so any similarities beyond the name are without merit but it was clearly time to return to the standard Prius offering for a new look.

Since its launch in the 1990s, the Prius has been the standard-bearer in gasoline-electric hybrids. However, much has changed in the marketplace since then.  Perhaps the world has come around but the new Prius no longer looks futuristically odd (for odd, look at the Tesla pickup truck for the moment).  More significantly, the electric-vehicle market has come into its own and gasoline-electric hybrids are now just one of several options for those wishing to limit the carbon footprint.

Toyota released the current fourth-generation Prius in 2016 and it benefitted from a facelift for the 2019 model year that included redesigned headlights and taillights.

Our Blizzard Pearl white Prius Limited arrived on a pleasant fall day.  For 2019, Toyota offers all-wheel drive as an option in the new AWD-e model but our Limited came with front-wheel drive.


Prius drivers will feel at home in the 2019 model.  The dashboard was entirely redesigned for 2016 but still maintains the traditional Prius touches such as the placement of the speedometer and other key information in the center.  Fortunately, the Limited’s optional head-up display puts the speed back in front of the driver where it belongs.

An 11.6” high-res touchscreen provides an excellent interface to the vehicle and now supports Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa.  Alexa will read driver and passenger the news, weather, and play music.  Siri will do the same of course and we preferred using Siri and CarPlay overall.  The JBL sound system was decent enough for a car in this price class.

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