Record Number of Americans to Hit the Road This July 4th as Gas Prices Drop

By Jeremy Del Nero on 2 July 2019
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If you are heading out on the road to celebrate the 4th of July holiday, you most certainly won’t be alone. Some 41.4 million Americans will hit the road according to figures released by the Automobile Association of America.

That figure represents a 4.1% increase over 2018, which means that an additional 1.9 million people will be joining you on this country’s highways and byways.

Once en route, drivers will find lower fuel prices at the pump.  The average price of a gallon of gasoline is down 23 cents compared to the same period last year, and 20 cents cheaper than what it cost Memorial Day weekend this year.

Industry experts expect the downward trend in pricing to continue throughout the summer.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)