Review and Test Drive: 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label Edition

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Inside, the Cashmere Venetian leather seats were stunning – and extremely comfortable. Massage? Yes, please! Apple CarPlay? Certainly! Radar cruise and active steering? Present and accounted for. One could hardly imagine a better-equipped vehicle for a long drive to the mountains or shorter drives around town.

The Ultra Comfort Seats with Active Motion were nothing short of heavenly to sit in and we were all in agreement that we would rate the massage feature very highly compared to other cars we’ve tested with this functionality. The heated and cooling functions worked well (it was still cold enough at night to require heated seats) and, once we found where Lincoln had hidden the switch for the heated steering wheel (a virtual button on the central information display, versus a button on or near the actual steering wheel), it worked quite well.

The Revel Ultima sound system had 19 speakers and very good (but not excellent) sound.



First let’s look at what Black Label offers. Lincoln says it’s “our ultimate expression of design and personal service,” and it’s very impressive, especially for those of us who prefer to do our shopping online, away from the crowds. The dealership will come to you, delivery will be where you want it to be (home or office, for example), your Black Label edition vehicle will be picked up and brought back to you if service or maintenance is required. You’ll also get free car washes (this does require a trip to the dealership) as well as an annual detailing during the four-year warranty.

In addition to all this coddling, Lincoln will enroll you in the Black Label Culinary Collection and treat new owners to a rather nice dinner for two at a choice of some very nice restaurants near your home, although it’s not possible to have the car washed during dinner. The automaker will also give you membership in the Clear trusted-traveler program and Avis’ Presidents Club elite status.

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