Review and Test Drive: 2019 Lexus NX 300h

By Jonathan Spira on 4 April 2019
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Lexus named its then entry-level crossover the NX explaining that “NX” stands for “nimble crossover,” and it’s clear that the Department of Naming at Lexus knew what it was talking about.

The NX is slotted below the RX, RX, GX, and LX, although the new UX has taken over the entry-level spot.  As with the UX and RX, a hybrid version is available and a striking Blue Mortex Metallic NX 300h showed up at our office’s main entrance on a cold but sunny February day.

The NX was unveiled at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in 2014 and it’s built at the automaker’s Miyata plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka.  While the NX shares a small number of parts from the Toyota parts bin with the Toyota RAV4 – mostly those relating to structure and wheelbase – the car’s components are otherwise unique to Lexus.


As more and more small luxury SUVs come on the market, the 2019 Lexus NX stands out as an intelligent option for buyers who want style and comfort with more than acceptable handling. Inside, we found plush well cushioned seats with an interior design that matches the NX’ rather wild exterior.


Once we pressed the stop/start button (after admiring the really well done center stack with its immense display) – or used a smartwatch to start it remotely, something new for 2019 – the turbocharged 2.0-liter four banger sprung to life.  Going over the startup checklist, we noted a plethora of driver-assistance tech including adaptive radar cruise control, automated emergency braking, low-light pedestrian detection, daytime bicyclist detection, even a built-in camera that detects road sign information such as speed limits.

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