Review and Test Drive: 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve and Black Label

By Jonathan Spira on 20 July 2018
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Back in the day, when I was in high school secretly reading car magazines instead of the approved reading assignment, the battle for the best luxury sedan or coupe was a fairly big deal. One of the leading car magazines of the period would refer to the winner as “King of the Hill” and typically pitted a Cadillac Eldorado against a Lincoln Continental Mark VII or, later, Mark VIII.

The Lincoln-versus-Cadillac rivalry became less significant once BMW and Mercedes-Benz and, later, Lexus and Infiniti, became substantial players in the U.S. luxury car market. In many people’s minds, American luxury cars had been relegated to the dustbin of history… that is, until now.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator changes all that. Making its point of departure the striking and luxurious Lincoln Continental, the Lincoln Navigator is the largest (albeit not the longest, even at 221.9” or 5,636 mm for the long-wheelbase model) and most luxurious Lincoln ever sold by the brand. It is also the heaviest and the first non-limousine Lincoln to offer seating for more than six. (The title of longest Lincoln ever sold goes to the 1977-1979 Lincoln Continental thanks to its 5-mph bumpers.)


Although it is shorter than the Cadillac Escalade, it is noticeably larger than any of its European competitors. Size does matter.

The Lincoln Navigator has been around since the 1998 model year (in its first year, it helped Lincoln overtake Cadillac in annual sales), this, the 2018 model, is not your father’s Navigator.

All new for 2018, the Navigator is the epitome of understated elegance with clean lines and a tasteful application of chrome. The grille, reminiscent of the new Continental’s, sports an homage to the star logo used on the Continental Mark II in the 1950s. This one, however, lights up à la Mercedes-Benz.

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