Bosch Announces A ‘Breakthrough’ That Could Save Diesel

By Christian Stampfer on 25 April 2018
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MUNICH—Robert Bosch said Wednesday that it has developed a new diesel-exhaust system that would allow automakers to continue to offer diesel powerplants in the future.

The new technology would cut emissions to below the 2020 EU emissions regulations by bringing nitrogen oxides or NOx to 13 milligrams per kilometer, well below the current legal limit of 120 milligrams.

It does this by optimizing thermal management of exhaust temperatures and doesn’t require new hardware. The system keeps emissions stable even at cold temperatures, according to Bosch.

“This breakthrough offers the opportunity to shift the heated debate over diesel into new territory and, hopefully, bring it to a close,” said the company’s CEO, Volkmar Denner, at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Stuttgart-based company also announced a new code of conduct for employees as it steers itself away from the Dieselgate emissions scandal that tarnished the automotive industry.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)