Introducing The Green Car Driver’s 2017 BMW i3 with Range Extender Test Car

By Jonathan Spira on 6 July 2017
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The BMW i3 is a car that has long fascinated me, both for its unusual and handsome good looks, unparalleled greenness, and the story that goes with it. While we’ve spent considerable time with the i3 since its launch, the Bavarian EV gained additional range and power for 2017 and we were anxious to spend several weeks with it.

Here are our initial impressions after a brand new Protonic Blue i3 arrived at our headquarters.

The BMW i3’s immediate predecessor was the BMW ActiveE, which BMW unveiled in New York City in 2011. The ActiveE was an EV based on the BMW 1 Series and succeeded the Mini E, another all-electric vehicle, which had begun trials back in 2009.


When BMW first announced the BMW I sub-brand, which would market vehicles produced under Project i, the i3 was known as the Mega City Vehicle or MCV, but was quickly renamed the i3. Retail deliveries of the i3 in Europe started in late 2013 and U.S. deliveries began in May 2014.

The i3 catapulted to the top of the sales charts within a year of entering the market. In its first three years, it remained one of the top three most popular vehicles sold worldwide. In Germany, one out of every four EVs sold was an i3 and it’s currently the fourth most popular EV model in the United States.

But back to our Protonic Blue i3. The Protonic Blue color itself is new on the i3 for 2017, having been exclusively available only on the BMW i8 until now.

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