First Look and Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500h and LC 500

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The car’s sweeping lines flow to the rear creating a very strong stance and lead to the rear combination lights, which use mirrors to create a multi-reflection, 3-D sequence of L-shaped graphics.

Open the door (pausing to observe the pop-out door handle), step inside – the LC is surprisingly easy to get in and out of – and see for yourself.

The swoop continues inside with a driver-oriented cockpit, floating door handles (a truly unique look), and a grab handle that looks like the privacy separator in a business-class aircraft cabin. It appears that much of the LF-LC concept interior was maintained, at least to the extent it was practical in a production vehicle.

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Ergonomics are as close to perfect as we’ve seen. Switches, buttons, and dials were all intuitively placed although a few – such as those for heated or cooled seats – were missing and the functions could only be accessed via the central display.

The attention to detail by Lexus’ “Takumi,” the Japanese term for artisans, is perhaps unparalleled. High-quality and soft-touch materials abound, as does beautiful hand stitching.

As one would expect Lexus’ designers gave copious thought to details large and small. No fewer than 50 mockups were made over a two-year period for the front seats before deciding on seats that were among the most comfortable I’ve ever spent an entire day in. The same applied to the shape of the steering wheel, which a Takumi master driver tested and retested until each section of the wheel became the ideal shape to suit how a driver’s grip and hand position change while steering.

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