GM Announces Book by Cadillac Subscription Model

By Paul Riegler on 5 January 2017
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DSC_9282For drivers who want a Cadillac without the burden of ownership, General Motors has the answer: Book by Cadillac.

Book, which costs $1,500 per month on a month-to-month membership plan, has no long-term commitment and allows members to reserve a Cadillac to be delivered to a specified location within the region served. Members can switch between vehicles at any time and can also turn the service on and off, to allow for occasions when out of town or there’s simply no need for a vehicle in the garage.

For example, a member could book an Escalade SUV for winter months or ski trips and a more performance oriented sedan, such as the ATS-V, for the summer and skip a month or two in between while out of town. Currently, the standard CTS and ATS models are not available through the program, although the V performance variants are.

The fee includes registration, taxes, insurance, and maintenance and there is no limit on mileage.

The Book by Cadillac service will launch in the New York metropolitan area February 1. Cadillac plans to offer Book in other markets in the coming months.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)