EU: Volkswagen May Have Broken Consumer Laws in 20 Countries

By Paul Riegler on 6 September 2016
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DSC_0458The European Commission believes that Volkswagen may have broken consumer-protection laws in 20 countries by installing software that cheated on emissions testing.

The two statutes cited are the Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive that prohibits companies from making exaggerated environmental claims in their marketing as well as the Unfair Commercial Practises Directive.

The story was first reported in Die Welt on Monday.

Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova said at a news conference Monday that the Dieselgate scandal was a pan-European Union problem and the Commission was in the process of determining whether the two laws would apply.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen rejected the allegations, saying in a statement in continued to engage in a “constructive dialog” with the Commission.  

(Photo: Accura Media Group)