BMW Launches ReachNow Car Sharing in Portland

By Paul Riegler on 19 September 2016
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Pioneer Courthouse, Portland

Pioneer Courthouse, Portland

BMW of North America announced Monday that its ReachNow car-sharing service has commenced operations in Portland, Oregon.

ReachNow’s goal is to “provide drivers with an experience that is as convenient as owning a car,” BMW said in a statement.

ReachNow’s Portland fleet includes 260 vehicles including the BMW 3 Series, Mini Clubman, and Mini hardtop. The fleet will be expanded later this year to include the BMW i3 electric vehicle and the BMW X1.

The service is similar to the one offered by BMW in partnership with Sixt, DriveNow. DriveNow, which started operations in Munich in 2011, is now available in eight European cities.

The ReachNow app allows users to locate and book the closest available car or find a ReachNow car on the street, which they can then return to any legal parking space on the street. Users can also request a specific vehicle to be delivered to their location immediately or at a future time.

The company’s Home Area runs from Columbia Blvd. in the north, 72nd Ave. to the east, Woodstock Blvd. and Sellwood Moreland to the south and Goose Hollow and the Northwest District to the west. ReachNow said it plans to significantly increase the Home Area later this year.

ReachNow is offering new members a free limetime membership as well as an introductory rate of $0.41 per minute.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)