VW Facing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Problem

By Paul Riegler on 4 November 2015
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DSC_0186Embattled automaker Volkswagen has a new emissions problem and it isn’t related to its diesel engines debacle. The company said it had understated the output of carbon dioxide in almost 800,000 of its vehicles that were sold in Europe.

The news is unrelated to the Dieselgate problem where the automaker admitted installing a defeat device that detects an emissions test in progress and causes the car’s engine to lower emissions to a legal level.

VW said that the carbon dioxide matter would cost the company as much as €2 billion or $2.2 billion in additional costs, and that the company faces additional penalties because it had already received tax incentives for selling cars with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon dioxide is a major concern because it can contribute to rising global temperatures and cause a significant increase in smog as well as heat waves and droughts. It can have a major impact on people with heart or lung diseases and it accounts for nearly three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions.

A company spokesman said that a recall of affected vehicles will not be necessary.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)