European Delivery Redelivery: The Voyage of the 535d and the Asian Emperor

By Jonathan Spira on 2 June 2014
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The 535d at the BMW Welt, prior to delivery

One of the many benefits of doing European Delivery is that your car is delivered to you not once, but twice. For our long-term BMW 535d, the first delivery was in late December at the BMW Welt in Munich.  The second was at BMW’s flagship dealership in New York City, BMW of Manhattan.

First, let’s take a look at what happens to the car once it’s dropped off at one of BMW’s shipping agent’s multiple locations throughout Europe.  To quote from an earlier article on European Delivery, drop-off is the “inevitable epilogue of every European Delivery trip…”  Drop-off may be the end of the trip but it’s the start of the vehicle’s voyage to the United States for redelivery at a local dealership.

In early January, we dropped the 535d off at BLG’s agent in Munich, Log In Out, whose offices are conveniently located at Munich Airport.  This represents a major change in the drop-off procedure as now you can drop off your car the same day as your flight providing it’s not a very early departure time.

Leaving Italy, entering Austria

Leaving Italy, entering Austria

It may seem as if much time passed between our drop-off date in early January of this year and redelivery, and this is definitely the case.  I have gotten 90% of my cars back within 35 days and some even within 30 days.

There are fewer transatlantic crossings in the winter than at other times of the year and they are subject to delays caused by the impact of bad weather.

The 535d made it to Bremerhaven, its port of departure, on January 30 and was loaded onto the Asian Emperor on February 4.  Instead of the usual 14-18 day crossing, my car and its siblings on board underwent a crossing that lasted approximately 30 days.

The Asian Emperor is a dedicated car/truck carrier with a capacity of 6,628 vehicles.  It is owned by Eukor, a company that specializes in car transport, and operates under a charter agreement with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

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