Diesel Car, SUV Registrations Climb

By Paul Riegler on 4 June 2014
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DSC_0186A study of car registration data in the United States shows that three states, California, Florida, and Texas, have the most registrations of fuel-efficient vehicles.

The data, prepared by R.L. Polk, a research firm, also shows trends for growth in diesel registrations as well as clusters of states with a higher percentage of diesels.

The leaders in diesel car and SUV registrations in 2013 were California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey, in that order.

In addition to the states that led in diesel registrations, three states showed two-digit percentage growth in registrations in 2013, namely Illinois by 25%, Arizona by 15.5%, and California by 11.3%, compared to the prior year.

Western states, in particular Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, have more diesels as a percentage of total registered cars.  In Wyoming, diesels comprise 10.8%, in Montana, 8.1%, and in Idaho, 6.9%.

The study also revealed over seven million vehicles, or 2.8% of all passenger vehicles, in the U.S. are diesels, while hybrids account for 2.8 million.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)