BMW Launches Smart Charging App

By Daniel Berg on 10 June 2014
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BMW ActiveE on the road in the Bay Area

BMW ActiveE on the road in the Bay Area

BMW launched its Smart Charging App for BMW i customers, an application for Android and iOS devices that will allow drivers to carefully plan when and how they charge their vehicles. The app has the potential to save users up to $400 annually, according to the automobile manufacturer.

The app  connects to a national energy rate database, which helps customers check their own rates and determine optimal charging times, while also allowing them to better understand the cost of charging the vehicle.

In concert with the BMW ConnectedDrive interface, which users can link through the BMW i Remote app, Smart Charging can be used to precondition vehicle temperatures, check vehicle status, and to view charging times and costs.

The Smart Charging app will initially be available to Electronauts, the company’s term for electric vehicle enthusiasts who participated in the 2012 BMW ActiveE field trial. It will become available to all U.S. BMW i3 and BMW i8 customers in 2015.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)