How to Plan a Diesel-Powered European Delivery Trip

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PA270150 (Large)Bruges, Belgium

Visitors will notice the town’s narrow streets (on which local residents drive very quickly), centuries-old buildings that time has left untouched, and the city’s canal system.

Brugge (Brugge is its Flemish name, in French and English it is Bruges) was, in the 14th and 15th centuries, a cultural bridge between northern and southern Europe and a cloth-manufacturing town (buy lace items during your visit).  It was rediscovered by English tourists in the mid-1800s who would come to see the nearby battlefield of Waterloo.  Today, Bruges is the perfect stop on a driving trip.

Die Swaene is a quintessential boutique luxury hotel overlooking the picturesque tree-lined Groenerei canal in the heart of Bruges.  The hotel’s lounge is the restored Guild Hall of the Tailors and dates back to 1779.

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Imagine this trip in your new car.  A twisty drive via the Alpenstraße.  The car’s navigation system guiding you through the fog as you climb to an elevation of 1000 meters. Welcome to Berchtesgaden.  The Nationalpark Berchtesgaden in Berchtesgadener Land, Bayern (Bavaria) adjacent to Salzburg, Austria is innately beautiful, with five main mountain ranges. One third of the park is rocky and glaciated; a further third is covered in mixed woodlands of spruce, beech, fir, and other conifers; alpine pastures comprise the remainder.

Overlooking all of this is the InterContinental Resort Berchtesgaden, built on the site of Field Marshal Hermann Göring’s house near Hitler’s Berghof mountain residence.  Although I typically strive for variety in my European Delivery trips, I find myself gravitating to this hotel and its incomparable vistas time and time again.



The following is a list of BMW and Mercedes-Benz dealerships and salespeople where my experience has shown me that the salesperson has expertise and knowledge in the European Delivery process.


BMW of Tenafly
Ricki Shamen

BMW of South Atlanta
Adrian Avila

BMW of Santa Barbara
Jon Shafer

Motor Werks of Barrington
Irv Robinson


Motor Werks of Barrington
Irv Robinson

Helms Bros.
Walter Blum


Germany requires all cars to have M+S rated tires fitted from mid-October to mid-April (double check exact dates).  While many cars are delivered with all-season tires that are M+S rated, some (notably BMWs with performance packages) are not and you will need to rent winter tires if your trip falls within the prescribed timeframe.  Rentals can be arranged via ED Winter Tires at


European Delivery Forum at Bimmerfest
Over 10% of BMW’s European Delivery customers utilize this online forum, asking questions and making travel plans,

European Delivery Forum at AudiWorld
A popular forum for Audi customers.


Rolf’s BMW Pick-up Service
For a very reasonable fee, Rolf will pick you up at Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß and take you directly to the BMW Welt, the Audi Forum, or  your hotel.  He will happily pick you up at your hotel and take you to collect your new vehicle, and he also conducts local tours.  E-mail Rolf at .


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