Study: Government Favors EVs over Diesels

By Jeremy Del Nero on 14 November 2013
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IMG_9696A new survey finds that a majority of Americans believe their government should offer more incentives for people to drive diesel powered automobiles.

According to the survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Audi of America, 57% of American drivers think that the U.S. government has unfairly promoted hybrid and electric cars over diesel cars in subsidies and benefits.  None of the fifty states, for example, provides HOV access to diesel cars, while several extend access to hybrid cars, despite many diesel cars being more efficient than hybrids on the highway.

In addition, 65% of respondents said they would support government legislation that incentivizes the purchase and ownership of diesel vehicles, and 66% percent think this should come in the form of tax incentives.

The cost of fuel is also a deterrent for many considering diesel; 59% of drivers aged 18-34 said that they would purchase a diesel vehicle if diesel fuel costs were more on par with conventional gasoline.  Diesel fuel prices are higher than premium in many areas because of higher taxes that were originally intended to be paid by truckers.  In Europe, diesel fuel costs less than gasoline because taxes are lower so as to encourage the use of diesel-powered automobiles.

There are numerous reasons for purchasing a diesel-powered automobile.  These include above-average fuel economy, impressive torque, and greater reliability when compared to gasoline engines.  In a recent poll conducted by The Diesel Driver, 94.1% of respondents said they would buy another diesel car while only 67.2% of hybrid owners would say the same.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)