Porsche Debuts Panamera S E-Hybrid Plug-In in Shanghai

By Paul Riegler on 21 April 2013
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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

At the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, Porsche introduced the new Panamera S E-Hybrid plug-in in concert with an updated version of the Panamera line.  The original Panamera was introduced in Shanghai in 2009.  Porsche added diesel and hybrid versions two years later.

Porsche chose Shanghai for the premier in part because one out of three Panameras is sold in China.  It is currently the second largest Porsche market in the world.

The Panamera S E-Hybrid has a total of 416 hp available, which can bring it from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 5.5 seconds.  It has a top speed of 168 mph (270 km/h) and a fuel consumption rating of 75.9 mpg (3.1 l/100 km) with 71 g/km CO2 emissions.   It has a driving range of 22.4 miles (36 kilometers) in electric mode with a top speed of 84 mph (135 km/h).

The Panamera stores electricity in a new lithium-ion battery with a 9.4 kWh energy capacity.  The battery can be fully recharged within several hours and is also recharged while driving via electrical system recuperation.

Porsche also announced that the Panamera S E-Hybrid will come with what it referred to as a “completely new range of convenience features” that the driver can activate and access via a smartphone app.