2012 BMW X5 xDrive35d Diesel Six Month Review and Report

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The X5 xDrive35d really shines when it comes to highway driving.  SONY DSCOn its maiden voyage of 216 miles (348 kilometers), it got 26 mpg (9.1 l/100 km), exactly the EPA estimate for the car, at an average speed of 55 mph (89 km/h).

For the six months, which has been largely city driving, we’ve averaged 21.3 mpg (9.05 l/100 km) at an average speed of 34.8 mph (56 km/h) and highway driving alone has been 25.3 mpg (9.3 l/100 km).  The EPA estimates that city driving will come in at 19 mpg (12.4 l/100 km) and city/highway combined will be 22 (10.7).  What impressed me most, however, is the 495 miles (797 kilometers) range per tank, impressive by any yardstick.  When we had an X5 xDrive35d in our short-term test fleet a little over a year ago, we averaged 21.5 mpg (10.9 l/100km) in a mix of city, suburban and highway driving.


There is good reason why our readers chose the BMW X5 xDrive35d as their 2012 Diesel Car of the Year.   Its great handling for a vehicle of its size, excellent fuel economy, and superb passenger comfort were apparent to them and continue to be apparent to us at the six-month mark.


2012 BMW X5 xDrive35d
Base price/price-as-tested $56,700/$69,495
Drivetrain XDrive All Wheel Drive System
Engine 3.0 liter 24 valve 6 cylinder dual overhead cam
Transmission 6  speed automatic
Curb weight (lbs) 5,192
Wheelbase (inches) 115.5
Length x width x height (inches) 191.1 x 76.1 x 69.9
0-60 mph (seconds) 6.9


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