Porsche Announces the Cayenne S Diesel, Most Powerful Oilburner on the Market

By Christian Stampfer on 15 September 2012
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Porsche will soon add a second diesel model to its Cayenne line-up. The Porsche Cayenne S Diesel will join the current Cayenne Diesel  and the Panamera Diesel to become the company’s third diesel-powered model. The new Cayenne S Diesel will win the Porsche Cayenne S the title of the most powerful diesel automobile currently in mass production.

The 4.2-liter eight-cylinder diesel engine offers a total power output of 382 hp (281 kW) and produces an astounding 626 pound-feet (850 Nm) of torque, which is even more than the Cayenne Turbo. Acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) is accomplished in 5.7 seconds. The Cayenne S Diesel’s top speed is 252 km/h (156 mph).

With its powerful V-8 diesel engine, it beats the BMW X5 M50d by one horsepower and 80 pound-feet of torque, using a twin-turbocharged V-8 as opposed to BMW’s triple-turbocharged six-cylinder. The 4.2-liter V8 is derived from Audi’s V-8 TDI engine, and a 340-horsepower version is available in the Volkswagen Touareg in some markets.

Porsche promises an average fuel economy of 8.3 l/100 km (28.3 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 218 g/km, although official estimates have yet to be released. If the Porsche Cayenne Diesel can live up to the promised fuel figures, it will have a range of over 1,200 km (745 miles) when equipped with an optional 100-liter (26.4 U.S. gallon) fuel tank.

The Porsche Cayenne S Diesel will go on sale in January 2013 in Germany with a base price of €77,684 including 19% VAT, which represents an increase of more than 15.000 euro over the standard Cayenne Diesel. Porsche has not yet said if it will offer the Cayenne S Diesel will in the U.S.