Volkswagen Begins E-Golf Pilot Program

By Michael Acampora on 20 March 2012
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Volkswagen has announced that it will launch a pilot program of prototype E-Golf electric vehicles next month.  The program will consist of 20 vehicles that will be tested in Detroit, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. with the goal of gathering research to be used to create future EV technology

The E-Golf has an identical design to the standard Golf, with seating for five. It features an electric motor with 199 lb-ft (269.8 nm) of torque, and a 26.5 kilowatt-hours lithium-ion battery. The E-Golf’s driving range averages 93 miles, but this depends on conditions such as air conditioning/heat usage.

The vehicle is able to coast whenever the driver is not on the accelerator (“sailing”), and there are three settings for regenerative braking (which captures energy derived from the braking process and stores it in the battery).

Drivers of the E-Golf will also test 220-volt charging stations at their homes, as well as an iPhone app that monitors the battery’s charging status, among other features.