BMW and Toyota Sign Lithium-Ion Battery Agreement

By Paul Riegler on 27 March 2012
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BMW and Toyota announced an agreement to support a collaborative research project in next-generation lithium-ion battery cells.

The goals of the program are to increase both the performance and capacity of lithium-ion batteries through the use of new combinations of materials for cathodes, anodes, and electrolytes.

The batteries could potentially be used in electric vehicles and hybrids, including diesel-electric hybrids.

In December of last year, the two automakers signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to support collaboration on new, environmentally-friendly technologies.  The lithium-ion battery research project is the first program under the MOU.

The two companies also entered into a contract in December for BMW to supply four-cylinder diesel engines to Toyota Motor Europe starting in 2014.

(Pictured:  BMW’s Vierzylinder or Four-Cylinder headquarters building in Munich)