Kia Introduces Two New Electric Cars at CES

By Eva Leonard on 13 January 2012
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Bypassing the Detroit Motor Show, Kia Motors introduced the Ray production Electric Vehicle (EV) and Naimo EV Concept Car to the North American market at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

New features on the zero emissions Naimo include a large heads-up digital touch-screen display, and air jets rather than windshield wipers. Designed for urban markets, the Naimo can travel up to 124 miles per charge and takes 25 minutes to recharge to 80 % of capacity.

The electric motor- and lithium-battery-powered Ray EV can travel up to 86 miles on one charge and features a top speed of 81 miles an hour. Although the Ray EV has been designed for the Korean market, Kia is looking at its potential for the U.S. as well.